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Berkeley BioEnginuity Fellowships

We are pleased to announce the inaugural Berkeley BioEnginuity Fellowship call, which will provide two years of support to doctoral students working in STEM fields with an emphasis on bioconvergence — the intersection of life sciences with physical sciences, engineering, and/or data science.

Beyond supporting research, the Berkeley BioEnginuity Fellowship will create a vibrant community of emerging bioconvergence problem solvers. The Berkeley BioEnginuity Fellowship is designed to provide you with the intellectual freedom to start tackling critical societal problems by translating academic research to real-world applications.

The deadline to apply was September 15, 2023 (5 PM PT). Applications are now closed.


The Berkeley BioEnginuity Fellowship is different than most fellowships. We encourage you to orient the last stages of your doctoral research toward greater societal impact, which may involve moving your research in new interdisciplinary directions to tackle existential societal problems, for example the impacts of the climate crisis or equitable health care technologies. For some, this might mean a direct ‘reduction to practice’. For others, the impact could come from an “open source” translation. While moving towards impact is a central aspect of the Fellowship, no prior entrepreneurship experience is expected.

In the application process you’ll describe how your STEM/bioconvergence research can benefit society in a meaningful way, and how the Berkeley BioEnginuity Fellowship will move you towards that goal.

We welcome applications from diverse problem solvers and changemakers. Successful applicants will be part of a unique group that will continue their dissertation research, but also participate in extracurricular activities including:

  • Professional development and leadership workshops
  • Mentoring opportunities with BBH, Bakar Labs and other affiliated programs
  • Networking with industry experts in your area of emphasis or an area you’d like to explore

We anticipate that the additional time commitment will be less than that required by a graduate-level seminar course. However, since the Berkeley BioEnginuity Fellowship will require time outside the lab, you are required to discuss the program with your dissertation advisor prior to applying. You will need a letter of support indicating your advisor understands the program’s time commitment and goals, and providing a rationale for why you are an appropriate candidate.


Doctoral students going into the final two years of their PhD dissertation research are eligible. Successful applicants will receive $40,000/year for two years toward their annual stipend and fees (amount specified by the home department). Graduate students may not hold a concurrent fellowship that covers their annual stipend. Please contact us with any questions regarding eligibility.

Application Process

Complete the requested information using the portal and upload Main Application Components 1 – 3 as separate PDFs.


Optional Notice of Intent to Apply: Send notice to, as early as possible to ensure you directly receive any program announcements or updates.

The deadline to apply was September 15, 2023 (5 PM PT). Applications are now closed.

Please contact us directly if you have questions: