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UC Berkeley is top university in number of companies founded by undergraduate alumni

UC Berkeley (and the Bakar BioEnginuity Hub) are the star of a new story featuring the university's success in producing the world's greatest entrepreneurs. Read post

Tenant Spotlight on Regel Therapeutics: A New Approach to Gene Therapy

“I always used to enjoy science and technological innovation. For a scientist, curiosity leads to discovery, but it is a need that leads to invention. In the back of my mind, I always knew that to make a clinical product into a reality, I have to take the technology out of the lab and develop it in an industry setting. Patients and their caregivers motivated me to take this leap into entrepreneurship," says Navneet Matharu. Read post

Tenant Spotlight on Coagulant, a Company Defying the Odds to Save Lives

“I think anyone who meets me understands my passion for what I’m doing,” Terry says. “I’m not here to make a business per se. I am here to impact people’s lives. Sure, I hope it becomes a business in the process, but as I told my team, we’re going to be the first ones to solve this problem. And if nothing else, I think we can look back at ourselves at the end of this journey and know that we’re creating a movement in this field.” Read post